Friday, July 30, 2010


A move of 50 pips like this on chart gave only 19p profit, as the continuous exit/re-entry diminishes the gains (and increases the commissions expenses). Splitting is the insurance to pay against a sudden reversal of a thin, summer market, for me at least.


learningtotrade said...

i saw your have some indicators on your chart. do you use them at all or just go with the MAs? thanks and good trading

salamander said...

hey forex bird, I was you only trade for an hour at a time? do you have a daily personal goal where you quit?

Ledang said...

Hello Sir,

could you share your method with us?

Anonymous said...

Dear forexbird,

I see that small white triangles give you nice in/out signals. How do you setup such things ? Is this available somewhere ?