Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New life

This is Matilde, the new born daughter of my friend Andrea from Italy. She is just 27 days old and already a beauty! She has the eyes of an old glory of italian cinema, Claudia Cardinale!

Andrea is also in the forex world, he is a very talented person, the most intelligent computer programmer I ever met. We worked together in the past years on some indicators and forex trading and our exchange of ideas was always VERY stimulating. We created a "trading bomb" for fun, he was Dr Oppenheimer and I was Dr Neumann..Our long conversations over the internet will be published some day, I am sure about that! Διάλογος, discussion in ancient greek, means that two minds can produce more ideas when they are in contact than separated, according to Plato.

All the best, Andrea, with the new woman in your life!


andreahaku said...

Thanks a lot my friend!

This is a very nice post for me. It's not only about a new life but an "old" friendship.

I always think that is too bad that we live far each other.

But maybe it's better for the financial world... we'd surely create a "big dogs" buster machine :D

Thanks again!
Get well soon ;)

Blogger said...

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