Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dangerous market

I usually avoid trading during the Christmas period, but today I opened charts again. What I was afraid of, was there : a thin market, violently moved by the big guys, to make extra gains before their vacations. I had a 2,5 pips trade and the market, IMMEDIATELY after this, moved 40 pips in the opposite direction, precisely at the London opening (10:00)!.. I could stay with the long open and no stop and get a -40 on the face in 3 seconds.. I took fastly 11 pips on the right direction but this is gambling, no trading. Got a little more and closed trades for a week at least. Leaving by now.

Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah!


Anonymous said...

Dear Constantino,

Merry Christmas to you.
God bless you with the joys and honors..:)


Thirimanne said...

There is very little doubt about the market, it is a like a snake even when it’s calm we must be careful as it can strike us badly. I never try to trade whenever there is any big event or holiday. It’s just too risky so all of my trades are mostly average above 1-2 weeks and due to using Swap free account by great OctaFX broker, it helps so much more to work without any tension of paying fees.