Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Getting slices only out of the afternoon move, as I didn't trusted much this downtrend/correction. Ending the day with 39 pips gain in 11 trades, trading significantly less than on the last days of November. I consider this fact a big plus. Don't get hooked. Life is elsewhere. Steve Kuhn on the stereo right now.


Anonymous said...

U r right bro, Forex can be quite addictive. I used to spend 14hours daily when i was in new Zealand.

You know i used to b an avid traveler and used to do a lot of photography and racing. But I lost my interest for outside world when i jumped into forex.
I have taken it as a challenge and as im single i can devote much time to it.

Yeah there's a lovely life outside forex too.
Hope i will resume my beloved lifestyle in upcoming years..
Thanks for the advice.. :)

Take care..:)

The forexbird said...

i repeat the advice especially for you : DON'T GET HOOKED. Did you ever read the Gambler by the big Fiodor? If yes, please read it again!

Anonymous said...

I will surely read that book..
Thanks for the suggestion, brother..:)

Gary said...

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