Tuesday, December 14, 2010

London opening


Tim Bourquin said...

I wanted to see if I could interview you for my site at TraderInterviews.com.

I would ask you about your trading philosophy and it is done over the phone and takes about 20 minutes.

Would you be up for it?

Tim Bourquin
tim at traderinterviews dot com

Mike said...

Congratulations FXbird.

I sure hope you take Tim up on this offer. There are many I know who admire your trading and hold to your particular style and would love the opportunity to listen in on this interview.

As to date, I don't know if Tim has interviewed anyone with your exact style (Very short term with purely technical analysis in the FX market)

If you do decide to do it please comment here so that we know whether we can look forward to this or not.


P.S. Some of the past interviewers have had the ability to post their interview free for their peers. See if you can do this cause I see Tim is charging $25/interview now to listen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Constantino!
Congratulations for Tim's offer!
I think you should accept. I'll listen it for sure !
David Aranzabal

Sam said...

Hi Constantino!

I think you should charge him a big for interview because he is charging to listen the interview on his website.

The forexbird said...

M. Bourquin,

thank you very much for the offer but I am not interested. For two reasons :

1. My method is purely visual, so it cannot pass through a simple audio.
2. I intend to divulge my "knowledge" free of charge, via my blog and help others. I don't want, (me or anybody else) to make money teaching it. I don't even have ads on my site. I can earn my life trading.

I hope you understand me. Thanks again.

Mike said...



What would you think about having a fellow trader / blog follower interview you through video conference?

Examples of such type: http://misstrade.wordpress.com/trader-talk-with-misstrade-misstrades-missives/

This would eliminate the obstacles.

Visual Problem: You can easily share your screen as you talk (skype screen-share). You wouldn't even have to have your face on the video, you could just share screen the whole time.

Profiteering Problem: The video rights would be 100% yours to do with as you please.

Although my experience is limited to my own live trades with the EURUSD and EURJPY (2 years) and my extensive reading of Market Wizards, Bulls Bears and Millionaires, Pit Bull, Electronic DT Secrets (interviews), etc. I would be perfectly willing to conduct such an interview.

I have no products for sale nor will I ever. I seek to trade only and help others in the process.

Let me know if you would want to do this. I know that so many would love chance to view such an interview and I can help overcome the obstacles then hey, why not? I also think it would be a lot of fun!

Mike Lewthwaite

Anonymous said...

You are my hero Constantino.. A TRUE TARDER..!!

The forexbird said...


thanks for the initiative. I will consider this in the next months. Until then, everything is on the charts. If you take the time (and patience) to study the evolution of this scalping, you will learn a lot.

Munaf said...

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