Friday, January 14, 2011


The unecessary first trade, while price was in the range, gave a loss. The gains came after this, in a natural way, when price moved out of the box. Scared exit (or stop hunting?) on third trade let the pips on the table. Not a big deal, the next wave gave more.


Trader32 said...

Superb as always

Kevin said...

Thanks you for the great info and the motivational trades you show. I wonder could I ask a few general questions? I'm sure you are busy so if this is not possible I understand. Either way I appreciate your willingness to post your trades. I find them inspiring.

1. I see you seem to mostly trade the Eur-Usd is this mainly because of the low spreads?
2. Are you trading the Forex cash or the 6E Futures contact and with which broker?

The forexbird said...


1. I trade eurusd because i found that, recently, this is more volatile than euryen 75% of time.

2. I trade cash.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Forexbird I appreciate you taking the time to answer me....Kevin

Abbot said...

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