Monday, January 3, 2011

A start

First trades of the year, on a relatively thin morning. Last entry was late - and risky.


Alessandro said...

Hello Costantino it's Alessandro from Italy, Happy New Year :-)
you may find this blog usefull, I'm following it from many months. You will find good info for sure

It can help you making more pips with less trades.


The forexbird said...

hi Alessandro!

thanks for yje link but i hate forex merchants!

Alessandro said...

Yes I know, but the blog is full of free good info, I learned a lot from it for free. I like the use of those 2 CCI combined togheter to mesure momentum. I like to scale out of trades instead of all-in all-out, I like how he use 5 range bar for entry and stop management...a lot of good ideas on it.
We don't need to buy anything ;-)

Zulfikar said...

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