Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And this


learningtotrade said...


im amazed by your consistency.. i've been trying to learn this method for quite a long time now (since introduced rainbow method) but can't achieve any good results. may i ask what do you consider to initiate a trade? because for me its like 50/50 chance it may retrace a few pips after i enter, hence i'd have to cut loss... many thanks

Julia Clara said...

Hey I really like your blog!
Really good trades as well!

p.s. I will put you own my blog list ! ;)

The forexbird said...

what you name "consistency" is the motivation to beat the human nature of ..random behavior.. After 6 years of trading I have got some mental patterns which increase the w/l ratio.

The forexbird said...


thank you very much! Ypur blog is very interesting! I will keep an eye on it!

Sammy said...

Consistency is always the key and you are just amazing. I have rarely seen traders been so consistent like you. It also helps amateur like me to learn something because we always lack consistency. I am doing practice regularly with OctaFX broker’s amazing demo contest Champion where I can also win up to 1000 USD prize so apart from getting my consistency level high and knowledge I also have been improving on experience factor as well and lastly the chance of winning that money.