Tuesday, January 11, 2011

London opening

Two correct trades, followed by three rather lousy ones. Then I missed the obvious reversal of direction.


Anonymous said...

Hi Constantino ;
What are your time slots daily ?.

The forexbird said...

1 hour around London opening and/or 10:00-11:00 EST.

G said...

Hi, on your charts you make notations like 12,2 - 2.6 - 6,5 etc. Could you explain these please. I am assuming you always entry with two entries of the same size and then either exit them together which would be a 4, or 23, or separately which would look like 2,5 or 6.9 etc? Is the , or . interchangeable?

The forexbird said...


no, i have single entries/exits. The numbers are the pips won or lost (-).

Soma said...

You mentioned that the last few trades were lousy. Do you mind clarifying why those ones were lousy?

Josh said...

London opening is always crucial it is good to do scalping in this situation but not every time but mostly it works for me. It was very hard for me in the start to know session I am trading on and all these problems but ever since I joined OctaFX company, it changed everything as they had excellent cTrader platform where there was option to know which session is active at the moment as it is written at the bottom of the platform, so I can I easily figure it out.