Saturday, January 1, 2011

Season's grief

Back from the holidays with a terrible cold and fever, only to be informed that I lost a good friend... I was thinking a lot of things in the last days and that putted me in the blues too... Exactly two years ago, I was writing in this blog one of my posts I like the most. Today, the crisis is a lot more actual and global. Where are we going, really?

Doing my little research about Tony Judt (previous post), I discovered a fine article of him, published here, which developes the same ideas, far more deeply and eloquently of course. Please, read it!.. (more about T.J. here).

Happy new year to all!


Anonymous said...

Be strong forexbird, and happy new year to you !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Forexbird,
Sorry to learn anout your friend..

The only thing that is constant is 'change'.
Good times or bad, they wont stay the same.

King Singh.

Happy New Year Constantino..
And get well soon..